Holiday in Community

Restful * Creative * Joyful

We’ve been bringing individuals together, under one roof, for over 30 years. And we’ve discovered that there’s more that brings us together than holds us apart.

A feeling of wellbeing, experiencing shared values of respect and openness, long- lasting feeling of the English language, and feeling part of the impressive circle of humanity’ Antonietta

The space here is magical, a rambling 17 century cottage with attached converted barn, carefully maintained, with facilities to provide nurture and comfort for groups of up to 16 people. The Romantic poets who once lived here shared a sense of wonder and an eye for beauty which lives on. 

For me it opened my heart’ Claudia 

We’ve created spaces for people to be together in celebration as well as delightful quiet corners for people to escape to.

It’s an opportunity to thrive in an informal relaxed atmosphere.

‘I have never had the experience of such a community before – being accepted and integrated.’ Britta  

We invite you to come alone, or with a friend, for a week where you can allow the simple pleasures of shared humanity to flourish.  



The Holiday

 Arrival are on Sunday afternoon, maybe a gentle walk along the river to Grasmere lake before settling in over a candlelit dinner with wine.

On Monday morning there’ll be an opening circle; time to gather, to meet and to be met. Here we begin to create a safe and inclusive space, establishing the bonds and the boundaries of the community for the week. There’ll be discussion, some movement, reflection, creative play. It’s fun and interactive. We’ll establish an atmosphere of warmth and respect where everyone can be their authentic selves.

We’ll also discuss preferences and priorities for the week. Although Nab Cottage sits alone in the centre of the valley the nearby villages are rich in possibilities including theatres, cinemas, live music, museums, guided walks and historical sights.

Thank you for the music, the delicious meals, the laughter, and most of all for the atmosphere of tolerance you created in your home.’ Ulrike

From the cottage

And perhaps there’s no incentive to go far….For at Nab Cottage there is much on offer:


Price, all inclusive



I have always had a passion for community building and compassionate communication. I studied an MA in Peace Studies; I enjoy philosophy and thoughts and I love the theory of peace and peace studies. We can only achieve peace in the world though if we first achieve peace within ourselves. Journeying towards loving and being kind to ourselves and each other using the tools of mindfulness and compassionate communication, allowing ourselves to step out of automatic pilot and our own minds and fully inhabit our bodies. Moving from thinking and doing to purely being.

I am a qualified MBSR Mindfulness Teacher and I have studied and practiced mindfulness in nature. Allowing nature to support us to discover our true nature, noticing the changes of the seasons and being fully present in the now, practising being present in a very alive body and falling awake. Embracing our felt experiences and using our senses to connect with nature and our present experience.


I believe that we are hardwired for connection, that we really want to experience all that this moment can bring – in its richness, its beauty, its simplicity.

I enjoy teaching yoga, holding space for transformation and witnessing the depths we can go to when we’re open and willing .