Bluebells and Pride

It’s been a long, warm and dry Spring here….and the bluebells here, with Liz and Sahara in the woods overlooking Rydal Water, are spectacular.  In fact the beautiful Lake District is among the top 50 things that makes us proud to be British, according to a poll taken during the past 12 months.

Coming in at 13th in the list, created by Heinz Beanz, the national park is well ahead of Stonehenge and the White Cliffs of Dover, as well as such British icons as James Bond and David Beckham.

The poll is headed by the NHS in first, the Olympic and Paralympic heroes of Team GB in second, with ‘proper pubs’ third on the list.

Heinz Beanz’s Top 50 things that make us proud to be British.

1. The NHS

2. Team GB

3. Proper pubs

4. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding

5. The Queen

6. Armed forces

7. Proper cups of tea

8. The RAF

9. Sir David Attenborough

10. The BBC

11. Buckingham Palace

12. Bacon sandwiches

13. The Lake District

14. Having respect for our elders

15. Tower Bridge

16. Fry-ups

17. Stonehenge

18. Prince William and Kate

19. White Cliffs of Dover

20. Royal British Legion

21. Mo Farah

22. Our ability to apologise

23. James Bond

24. Harry Potter

25. The film industry

26. Sarcasm

27. Beans on toast

28. Neighbourly spirit

29. Cornish pasties

30. Multiculturalism

31. Real ale

32. Cream teas

33. Salvation Army

34. Jessica Ennis-Hill

35. Dame Judi Dench

36. David Beckham

37. Glastonbury

38. Stiff upper lip

39. Hadrian’s Wall

40. Absolutely Fabulous

41. Cricket

42. Marmite

43. Worcestershire sauce

44. Coronation Street

45. The Clifton Suspension Bridge

46. Angel of the North

47. Marmalade

48. The BAFTAs

49. Ellie Simmonds

50. The WI