So, after a magical week by the sea in Northumbria with Hannah and Sahara – castles, clifftop walks and thundering waves – we opened Nab for 2020. Just 2 yoga groups then the full impact of the virus spread into Europe.

And whatever the uncertainties we all know that we are in this together and that this shake up will affect the world for us all, massively.


Perhaps it’s more important than ever to keep imagining the world we will want to live in – for me one with more care and more time for ourselves and each other, one where all creatures are considered, one where we respect the ground we live on and the air we breathe.  Perhaps there will be a shedding – of old behaviour patterns which perhaps were once seen as okay but in the shadows of time have become over-controlling, unfair or abusive.


How we are in this crisis and how we emerge from it is very much up to us, our attitude is always key.


Whether we can run courses at Nab Cottage this summer is not clear at the moment. For now we are, like everyone else, in limbo.

In limbo. Definition: ‘in a forgotten or ignored place, state, or situation’


So more than ever it is vital to keep in touch, maintain relationships and look after one another, then nobody feels forgotten or ignored.


And we have 3 proposals:


  • A free weekly Nab Cottage session, online, streaming directly to our FB page. This will begin at 17.00 GMT on Monday March 30 and run for around an hour.


  • Join us for a daily meditation practice for 21 days. The process we have in mind is a beautiful, helpful and simple model, and no experience at all is necessary. We plan to begin this on Monday March 30. To join up please send us your mobile phone number and we will deliver it via WhatsApp so you will need to download the programme. You can then do the daily meditation at a time to suit you.


  • One to one or small group classes, maximum 4 people, cost 20 Euros an hour in total. Contact us to arrange.


So, what’s happening here at Nab?

Grasmere lake


Well, Nicky flew back from Baku just before flights back to the UK were stopped. She is currently in self-isolation in Ambleside with our 2 eldest grandchildren, Izzi and Scarlett. Later in the week, as long as they’re clear, they will probably join our youngest granddaughter, Ivy, me, Liz and Wojtek here at Nab Cottage. Hannah is also here with us for 6 weeks or so until her last nursing placement begins.


I have never known the area so quiet, tourists have been advised to stay away and all cafes, restaurants and non-essential shops have closed. Bus and train networks have reduced schedules. For the moment food supplies look okay.


Thank you for your emails, calls, messages. We are touched so deeply by each of your situations and your stories. Stay strong, stay well.