Climate Action

As the climate crisis deepens and more people wake up to the consequences of more CO2 in the atmosphere I notice more personal and professional repercussions. Many friends take part in active demonstrations, many take steps to reduce meat consumption and limit flights. And I imagine that many people who would choose our courses are also ambivalent about flying and this is a huge dilemma. We would certainly encourage anyone who can to travel by train and we’d like to support this by offering a £50 travel voucher to everyone who books an English course at Nab Cottage and travels here by public transport. If people decide to fly then certain airlines are trying to increase efficiency and here is a link to information about this

The Lake District National Park clearly recognises the dilemma too. Here is an interesting site looking at how the effects of climate change are being managed and what actions are being taken to create a low carbon Lake District.

The image here followed the flooding in 2016 when the road was washed away as tons of rock was washed down Helvellyn.