Sun, May and Retreats

Finally we have sunshine at Nab Cottage. After weeks of cold and wet the lake is warming up and Wojtek’s strawberries are ripening. Yesterday I took Honey and Sahara high above Grasmere to a peak called Sargeant Man. I hadn’t walked there since Ellie was a child and sprained her ankle – we needed the mountain rescue to get her down. Now she has 5 children of her own – all keen to be outside.

May, Wojtek’s wife, is settling into her new role here really well. She has a job at the Thai restaurant in Ambleside and helps us here too. They are both going to be around when the Nab Retreats begin in August. There will be some yoga, mindfulness in nature, gentle walks and a very relaxed and fun few weeks together. Ruth, my new partner, will joining us then too.